08/2019: Our work on learning monodepth from stereo videos will appear at 3DV 2019, more here.
08/2019: Our work on detecting Photoshop edits on faces will appear at ICCV 2019, more here.
08/2019: Our work on GAN based sketching will appear at ICCV 2019, more here.
07/2019: Our work on stabilizing and directing 360 degree video will appear at ACM TOG 2019, more here.
05/2019: Our work on 3D shape optimization to fit multiview constraints will appear at CVPR 2019, more here.
03/2019: Our work on adding b-roll footage using a text based interface will appear at CHI 2019, more here.
03/2019: Our work on voice control for video navigation will appear at CHI 2019, more here.

Publication List

Shipped Features

Auto Reframe

Premiere Pro (coming)

Content Aware Fill for Video

After Effects CC 16.1

Video Loops

Adobe Stock. 2018

Camera-Shake Deblur

After Effects CC 2017.2


Systems and methods for higher order dimensional space video segmentation.
Panoramic video from unstructured camera arrays with globally consistent parallax removal
Methods and systems of performing video object segmentation
Systems and methods for facilitating three-dimensional reconstruction of scenes from videos
Systems and methods for interpolating frames of a video
Method and system for rendering virtual views
Simulating color diffusion in a graphical display
Synthesizing views based on image domain warping
Device and method for calibrating a temporal contrast sensor with a frame-based camera sensor
Spatio-Temporal Video Compositing
Practical Temporal Consistency for Video Applications
Systems and Methods for Converting Video
Stereoscopic editing for video production, post-production and display adaptation
Discontinuous warping for 2D-to-3D conversions
Automated Detection of Creases and/or Tears in Scanned Prints

Professional Services

CVPR 2020 Area Chair
NTIRE 2019 Program Committee
ICCV 2019 Area Chair
SIGGRAPH Asia 2018 Technical Papers Committee
WICED 2017 Program Committee
SIGGRAPH Asia 2016 Course Committee
SIGGRAPH 2016 Technical Papers Committee
JCGT 2015 Editorial Board
SIGGRAPH 2015 Technical Papers Committee
Eurographics 2015 Short Paper Committee
Emerging Technologies for 3D Video Authored Chapter
ICME 2013 Technical Program Committee
3DTV-CON 2012 Organizing Committee

Former Students and Interns

Ke Xian
Simon Niklaus
Xinyi Li
Sheng-Yu Wang
Siddhant Jain
Bernd Huber
Minsuk Chang
Arnab Ghosh
Lijun Wang
Lisa Hendricks
Wei-Sheng Lai
Jan Brejcha
Chaoyang Wang
Pedro Morgado
Mackenzie Leake
Richard Zhang
Chen-Hsuan Lin
Mahyar Najibi
Shuochen Su
Chen Chen
Zhaopeng Cui
Chengzhou Tang
Marek Dvorožňák
Felix Klose
Christopher Schroers
Simone Meyer
Florian Angehrn
Nicolas Maerki
Christine Chen
Martina Dümecke
Manuel Lang
Jan Rueegg
Lars Schnyder

Courses and Lectures

Lecturer at ETH

252-0543-01L Computer Graphics. Joint assignment. (2013, 2014)
Gave lectures on ray tracing, sampling, light fields, and image based rendering.

Invited Talks

Stanford University (2016)
IST Austria (2015)
University of British Columbia, Adobe, Google (2014)
Pixar, Universitat Ulm, UC Santa Cruz (2013)

Invited Courses

Video for VR. SIGGRAPH 2017.
Content Creation for Stereoscopic 3D and Beyond. 3D Media, UX and Computational Architecture 2012.
Image-Based Empirical Information Acquisition, Scientific Reliability, and Long Term Digital Preservation for the Natural Sciences and Cultural Heritage. Eurographics 2008.


PhD in Computer Science. UC Santa Cruz. 2006-2010
MS in Computer Science. UC Santa Cruz. 2004-2006
BA in Computer Science. Cornell University. 1999-2003

Work Experience

Adobe Research
Seattle, Wa 2015-Today
Senior Research Scientist

Disney Research Zürich
Zürich, Switzerland 2009-2015
Research Internship, Post-Doc, Associate Research Scientist, Research Scientist

Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik
Saarbrüken, Germany 2007-2008
Visiting Researcher

Industrial Light and Magic
San Francisco, Ca 2007
R&D Intern

Palo Alto, Ca 2006
Research Internship

San Rafael, Ca 2003
R&D Engineer